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The Electric Car Guides

The electric car guides are a series of books written about electric cars that you can buy today. Comprising of an annual year book plus fully illustrated guides covering individual models, the electric car guides explain exactly what it is like to own and use an electric car on a day-by-day basis.

Author Michael Boxwell has been driving electric cars since 2006 and previously ran one of the largest electric car owners clubs in the world. He has worked with various car makers on the design and development of electric car technology since 2009. This experience gives Michael a unique insight in the electric vehicle industry combined with unparalleled experience in using electric cars as family and business transport.

By the time you have finished reading an Electric Car Guide, you will understand what it is like to own, use and live with an electric car. You'll understand the arguments both for and against electric car use and you will know whether an electric car is suitable for you.

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The Electric Car Guide: Nissan LEAF is now available

Nissan LEAF

The ultimate buyer's guide to the world's most popular electric car is here. The Nissan LEAF is arguably one of the most important and influential cars of the 21st Century so far. It's the world's best selling electric car, a former World Car of the Year winner and one of the most environmentally friendly cars you can buy today.

This all new guide explains what you need to know about owning and using a Nissan LEAF. Written by Michael Boxwell, a best-selling technology author who has owned two Nissan LEAFs, the book reveals why driving electric is not just good for the environment but provides a terrific driving experience that is good for your wallet as well.

Printed in full colour with glossy cover, this book talks you through driving, charging and using a Nissan LEAF on a day-by-day basis. It explains how to charge your car for free whilst you are out and about and how to get the best out of your electric car ownership.

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I'd recommend this book to both petrol heads and electric car enthusiasts alike, because whether an electric car would suit your needs or not, reading this book ensures that you're really well informed about the realities of electric car ownership.

Andy Scrivener, Product Manager, Mercedes Benz.

One man I have met in this process who helped me understand more about electric vehicles than anyone else is Michael Boxwell. He is not swept along by a wave of unfounded optimism, (an occasional failing of mine). He is a realist who knows from long, direct experience what a difference this technology can make.

Robert Llewellyn, Actor, TV Presenter and electric car advocate.

This is a fascinating read for anyone interested in cars. That's because it's based on the real world experience of people who actually own or lease electric cars on a daily basis. It is mercifully free of the opinionated ranting that motoring journalists and TV 'personalities' are often reduced to on this subject.

Grey Brother, Amazon Five Star Review

About the Author

Michael Boxwell has been working in the electric vehicle industry since 2004. He bought his first electric car for personal and family transport in 2006, subsequently setting up one of the largest electric car owners' clubs in the world. He became involved with beta-test trials for prototype electric cars with Mitsubishi and TATA and subsequently provided consultancy for a number of major manufacturers on their electric vehicle programmes. More recently, he has project managed the development of an all electric commercial vehicle and worked on the design of a new electric car battery that is around 30% lighter and 30% smaller than existing designs.

Michael is also a prolific author, having written a number of books on green technology in general, as well as on electric vehicles and solar energy. He has written on electric cars for The Guardian and regularly appears on BBC radio and on television talking about green technology.

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The Electric Car Guides are the definitive series on electric car ownership and use. They are available from Amazon and all good book retailers.

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